Emma Stone


"Armando is the only person I'd ever let kick my ass. I am not built to lift weights mentally - I have a lot of rage, I guess, and it comes out when I'm hauling steel overhead. But Armando is the most peaceful, loving, understanding person and trainer and I am so unbelievably grateful for my experience with him. He made me strong for the first time in my life. There's definition in my arms and I can climb stairs without getting winded. The feeling of being strong has changed my life, and I have him to thank for that. He is the best!"




“Meeting Cat Hannah came at a pivotal point in my life. The demands my career as a performer were putting on me were beginning to take there toll.”


“I needed to be focused mentally, strong physically and be fit enough to keep it together. Cat brought a new perspective towards everything fitness, from nutrition through to creating a personal exercise regime I could take on the road. She is tough but fair and highly successful in whipping a stubborn Steele into shape!!! As far as personal trainers go you won't find anyone better!!!!”




"Armando put me in the best shape of my life. Within two weeks I saw major changes in my body, movement, and confidence. He believed in me which helped me to believe in myself. I now live a more active lifestyle and I'm loving the results."

:) Love,




"Training with Armando gave me a whole new understanding on what it means to be Healthy.  He changed the way I look at working out and the way I look at food in a very positive way.  He is patient, reliable, meticulous, and caring.   If you are willing to commit to him as much as he commits to each of his clients, I'd say you are guaranteed amazing results."





"I have trained with both Armando and Cat for over a year and a half now. I began right before my wedding and Armando got me in great shape with the little time he had. I felt toned, strong and lean and could not have done it without him. I have continued to train with the both of them and am now 6 months pregnant. I continued training during my pregnancy to build strength and mobility for now and after the baby is born.


Keeping in shape and being healthy is the best thing I can do to prepare myself for labor and delivery. Both Armando and Cat push me to do my best and I appreciate and respect that about them."




My personal trainer Cat changed my life, both physically and emotionally. I weighed 214 pounds, was terribly uncoordinated, had a low self-esteem and a bad habit of eating all-you-can-eat sushi at least once a week. I went in for a physical; the doctor told me that I had signs of obesity. Hearing that word made me want to cringe and strive for better.


Cat Hannah took the time to really get to know who I was as a person and became immediately invested. I committed myself to a new healthier diet, a vigorous workout consisting of cardio, weight training and of course the dreaded CORE. She tailored every session into a challenging, yet do-able, full body workout. Over time, my balance became stronger, improving my coordination and agility. I shed 40 pounds over 6 months and feeling great about myself was inevitable. It has been a year since I’ve trained with Cat. With the knowledge and tools that she’s passed on to me, I continue the same invigorating exercises on my own, maintaining the results that I’ve achieved with her. I couldn’t have done it without you Cat! Thanks for all that you do and keep on doing it!


LIBBY Valentino


“I began working with Cat Hannah as a personal trainer about 2 years ago. I had been trying to get pregnant for 2-1/2 years. My doctor confirmed that my fitness level was inhibiting my ability to get pregnant. Cat helped me to increase my endurance and strength, drop weight, and assisted me with a nutritional program that reduced my fat intake. After just a few months, I found out I was pregnant. I continued to exercise until my 7th month. Cat adjusted my workouts to accommodate my growing belly and ensure the safety of my baby. I had a very healthy pregnancy and now have a beautiful baby boy. I am so grateful for her help. Now, I am back with Cat, working out 2-3 times a week to drop the baby weight and build up my strength once again.”




"I have been training with Cat for over 5 years now. I can't say enough about the importance of having a trainer to work with and to have correct form in order to prevent injuries. We all think we know what we are doing when it comes to working out, but let's face it, having a trained person helping and guiding you in the process is extremely important.


Cat has been a great trainer and played a big role in my rehabilitation after my injury as well, and I continue using her help to stay in shape. I would definitely recommend Cat and Mando to my friends and family."


Ngoc Hoang

Direct Management Group


"I ran, biked and swam regularly, but I've always been nervous in the weight room, and more often than not, would avoid it rather than ask someone how to properly use the equipment. Armando's patience and care in teaching form, as well as his innate sense of knowing just how hard to push to continue to encourage and inspire, has really elevated a crucial part of my workout that I had been missing. I'm running faster and better, and have definition in my arms, legs and abs that I never even dreamed would be possible."





After years of struggling with my weight, as well as a variety of healthy and unhealthy diets, I decided to return to the most effective and proven way to do so…exercise and plenty of it! I knew that getting to the gym would be difficult and without help I would not change my life the way I needed to, so I signed up for lessons with a personal trainer.


At that point, expectations were low but I wanted someone to jump-start my regime and get me pointed in the right direction. Turns out I wrong – somehow the stars aligned and I was given the chance to work with Miss Cat Hannah, a.k.a. “My Abuser”, and my life has not been the same since September 2007.


When I started the program in 2007, I weighed approximately 226 pounds. In only eight months, I had lost 30 pounds and could gleefully claim my new weight of 196 pounds. My energy and overall feeling of life dramatically changed, most important of those changes being my view of myself and knowing I had done it without any pills or other fad diets.


Cat’s determination and dedication to helping keep me focused better enabled me to see and meet my goals. I honestly believe that without Cat’s daily follow-ups (even though I only see her twice a week) and persistent drive to see me succeed, I would not have changed my life the way that I did! She is tough, strong and a constant inspiration to me every day.


My goal was to be less than 200 pounds before I got pregnant; obtaining my goal I was then able to proceed with becoming pregnant. In order to maintain my health and fitness goals I have continued training with Cat during my pregnancy. She has gone, and continues to go above and beyond her call to duty as a trainer and for that I am ever grateful. She has taught me that with the combination of eating the right foods (and portion control) and exercise any goal can be met.



Jim Morgan


"Being diagnosed with end-stage heart failure at the age of 51 is not the beginning of a good time.  It is brutal, physically and emotionally.  One either quits or fights.  I chose to fight, which required a skilled team of doctors to guide me through a heart transplant and a great trainer to help me be in the best shape possible for the surgery.


Cat developed a very specific program that accounted for my failing ability to function.  She was disciplined, but understanding. Maybe as important, Cat and Armando gave me a goal and, through their patience, support, and friendship, kept up my morale during the dark time.


Cat worked with me three times per week until ten days before I entered the hospital for a transplant.  Less than three months after the surgery, Cat and I were back in the gym to rebuild.  Today, two years later, I am healthier and in better shape than I was before being stricken with heart disease. Cat has helped me to put on forty pounds, almost all muscle – maybe a few cookies.


So I highly recommend Cat. I bet my life on her… and won."




I am fused from L3 to L5, my lower back is fused to my hips, and I weighed 206 lbs.

I was bed ridden for 6 months, was in pain for two years, and my doctor told me I would never run again.


I have been training with Armando for just over a year, during this time I have run two half marathons and I finished the Los Angeles marathon in 7 hours and 23 minutes. I have lost 38lbs, without losing any of my chest size, and I’m stronger now than I was 20 years ago.


If you are looking for a trainer that understands the body and will help you get through all of life’s hurdles, I highly recommend We 2 Can Do.


FRed bedrosian


I am 65 years old, I weighed 260 lbs, alcoholic, smoker with diabetes, and no matter what I tried I could never lose any weight. My doctor told me if I didn’t change and soon I was going to die in a year. I tried to exercise but didn’t have a plan and wasn’t able to push myself.

When I think back to how I felt then, I can’t believe how much I’ve changed and I’m keeping the weight off. I have lost 100 lbs. and have made consistent progress and with help from Armando. I continue to set even higher goals.


My life has changed in every way, from daily walk/runs to weight lifting, and hiking on the weekends. I get to enjoy my grandkids! My wife and I are happier then ever.


Thank you for saving my life.


Adrineh mirzayan


I’m  so  glad  I  met  Cat  Hannah  a few months ago when I decided to hire a

personal  trainer.  I actually enjoy going to the gym now, when before I would always avoid them.  Cat offers a variety of techniques that keep me on my toes and never let me get bored.  She makes me feel comfortable with her approach and style but yet challenges me so I can get the most benefit from each session.


I like a trainer that participates in the workout and motivates me when I’m about to give up in the last 10 seconds, and Cat does exactly that.  Cat is always concentrated to ensure that my posture and exercise form is correct even in the last few seconds of the exercise.

I do not hesitate to recommend Cat as your personal trainer.  She will make sure to design your exercise program to meet your fitness needs and goals. Thank you,  Cat,  for  designing  my  exercise  program.  Thank you  for accompanying me on my journey to a healthier lifestyle.life’s hurdles, I highly recommend We 2 Can Do.




When I started working out with Cat in June of 2007, I was a 139 pound weakling. Since then, there has been a wonderful transformation as I am up to 165 pounds of toned muscle and have never looked better. For years, I have tried to get motivated about working out and going to the gym but was unsuccessful a majority of the time. Cat has given me challenging and diverse workout routines that make going to the gym fun, instead of it becoming (and feeling like) a chore. Not only do I look forward to my workouts and going to the gym, it shows! By continuing to work out and eat properly, I am able to maintain my current stature and hope to add a few more pounds for a target weight of 175 pounds.


In addition to the physical transition, Cat also helped me with my diet regime. Using her expert knowledge, she helped me understand my routine and incorporated a high protein diet, as well as foods that I also enjoy. What and why I need to do the things I need to do. I would recommend Cat’s personal training skills to anyone looking to get into shape, while enjoying the process..


Kathie bouldry


Cat is like no other trainer I’ve every experience, she is truly there to help you reach your goals, no matter what they are. She will push you to your limit yet will handle you with kitty gloves, if need be. She was the first trainer that I felt comfortable enough with that I could talk to and not feel like I was being judged. Cat is one of a kind.


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